Mission Statement & Objectives

The purpose of this Section is to enhance education and technology to protect the quality of our water resources and to promote the ecological balance with the environment’s other resources such as land and air.


  1.  Advance the fundamental knowledge of the water environment, its basicqualities, and physical laws governing its interaction with other aspects of the environment and with the aesthetic, economic, and biological needs of the earth’s inhabitants.
  2. Advance the knowledge and technology in the design, construction and management of water control systems and facilities.
  3. Increase knowledge and understanding of the earth’s water environment, and encourage and promote action necessary for its enhancement.
  4. Implement the objectives previously stated through an exchange of information and experience among its members, and other interested persons, by an annual meeting of its members.
  5. Publish and distribute information relating to the water quality control field. Promote public understanding and encourage sound regional policy in matters relating to the water quality control field.
  6. Improve the professional status of all personnel engaged in any aspect of protecting and improving the earth’s water environment.
  7. Stimulate public awareness of the relationship of water resources to the public welfare and the need for pollution prevention, resource recovery, preservation, conservation, and the reuse of water resources.