Virtual SwiftSummit May 11th

 TRIS Members:   In case you’re interested in software for municipality monitoring compliance of managed businesses.

We have quite a few irons in the fire over here at SwiftComply.  In addition to working on significant enhancements to our existing FOG, Backflow, Stormwater and Pretreatment cloud-software solutions, we’re adding options in our mission to make all things water and wastewater easier to manage for regulatory compliance programs.  Rather than bombard you with many emails, we decided to do something a little different.

On May 11th, we will be hosting our first annual SwiftSummit.  This virtual conference will be an opportunity to give you a glimpse behind the curtain on things we have been working on, as well as give you a chance to hear challenges other cities and water authorities have faced, and more importantly how they’ve been able to overcome them.

If you wish to attend, you can find more information HERE.

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