Brave Blue World Virtual Screening and Panel Discussion

Panel Takes Deeper Dive into California’s Water Future

The Pacific Institute and CWEA have assembled a panel of experts to take a closer look at what we can do in California and beyond.

Wastewater systems are facing an era of unprecedented and growing uncertainty due to climate change – from rising seas to increasingly severe flooding and droughts.

Because of their location and large, complex treatment systems, these facilities are vulnerable as our climate changes.

Wastewater holds tremendous promise for advancing water resilience. Water reuse, for example, can make communities more resilient to climate change and other stressors by diversifying water supplies and providing greater flexibility to the water system.

Likewise, municipal wastewater contains five to 10 times more energy than is required to treat it, highlighting opportunities for recovering energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

There’s nothing to waste in wastewater. Learn more by watching Brave Blue World on Netflix and joining our fun, virtual discussion on March 29th.


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